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Nakat Law is focused on going above and beyond to realise value for clients by providing high-level advice, outcomes and risk management primarily in the areas of corporate law, commercial law, property law, intellectual property and disputes.

Understanding your underlying issues and objectives is important to us to achieve your desired outcome. We take the time to listen to you, identify, assess, risk manage and communicate your legal position and provide efficient and on demand hands-on practical legal advice and solutions. Our solicitors have exceptional experience in dealing with critical legal issues in a timely manner to provide such outcomes having experience in top and mid-tier and global firms, we understand that legal services must be delivered expeditiously and effectively to realise value for clients.

With innovative strategies, workplans and the efficient use of new age integrated AI technology, Nakat Law’s solicitors are focused on achieving value for you at every stage of your legal matter, moving away from the traditional legal services not hindered by the constraints of billable hours and the difficulties and inefficiencies faced by top tier firms.

Nakat Law is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria and Scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

Nakat Law, Preserving your rights.

Meet The Team

Led by Adam Nakat Principal Solicitor and Director of Nakat Law, our people are talented, possess strong commercial acumen and are passionate about law achieving their clients desired legal and commercial objectives with a focus on providing end-to-end high-level practical legal advice for its clientele.

We are with you every step of the way in relation to your matter and provide a strategic approach to complex legal issues in both front-end transaction and back-end disputes.

Our Lawyers

Adam Nakat

Adam Nakat is the Principal and founder of Nakat Law whom possesses strong commercial acumen as a result of his experience in mid-tier and general practice firms providing high-level and practical legal advice and strategic solutions to a vast array of clients including high-net-worth individuals and organisations undertaking and providing bespoke advice in relation to complex transactions and disputes within the areas of expertise including corporate law, commercial law, property law and other legal issues and areas of disputes.

Adam creates long lasting interpersonal relationships with his clientele by taking careful instructions and listening to his clients to understand their needs to achieve their objectives in all areas of law in which he practices.

Adam Nakat has been involved in a myriad of litigation in the Supreme Court of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland involving disputes with conglomerates worth $250B, disputes with suppliers and manufacturers, lenders and borrowers has successfully settled and litigated complex disputes involving property law, commercial law and other areas of law. Adam has provided advice for complex acquisitions including leading due diligence advice for acquisitions for over $120M, performed quasi-in-house legal services for a range of clientele including manufacturers, suppliers, national retailers in different industries and other organisations with unique ability to able to provide on demand, accessible and practical high-level solutions to complex legal and commercial issues for his corporate clientele. Adam is approachable and listens to his clients to ensure their rights are being preserved and their objectives are met with his background of end-to-end services understanding the importance of “knowing” your client.

Principal Solicitor with Trust

Registered with the High Court of Australia

Admitted with the Supreme Court of Victoria

Master of Laws (Juris Doctor) from Monash University

Bachelor of Commerce Deakin University majoring in:

  • Commercial Law,
  • International Management; and
  • Human Resource Management.

Member of the Law Institute of Victoria.

Our Lawyers

Michelle Healey

Associate of Nakat Law with top-tier and mid-tier experience.

Michelle’s dynamic background within the legal industry has enabled her to develop a broad knowledge within the practice areas of commercial law, taxation law, litigation, property law and succession law (wills and estates) making her a great fit for any client who is seeking broad and in depth counsel to assist with the growth or restructure of their businesses from front-end to back-end.

With her practical approach and strategical solutions, Michelle works closely with her clients providing tailored advice to their needs and circumstances and obtain the best outcome possible in alignment with Nakat Law’s ideology of practicing as a new age lawyer.

Whilst Michelle enjoys working in most areas of law, she has succeeded in her approach of applying her commercial acumen whilst practicing Wills & Estate, Family Law and Property Law.

Admitted into the Supreme Court of Victoria

Member of the Law Institute of Victoria.

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